Trainer Pathwalkers meet regularly in the flesh.

    April 4-7 2019


    a professional upgrade program for trainers

    What is the Trainer Path?

    A school

    Possibility Management Trainers play collaboratively together in the infinite Trainer Torus gameworld. The Trainer Path is a bridge for fresh trainers and facilitators to enter the Trainer Torus. The Trainer Path is a program part of the Possibility Management Trainer Torus gameworld. The Trainer Path is a professional upgrade program for fresh trainers and facilitators delivering transformational art performances using Possibility Management tools, thoughtmaps, distinctions and processes to create a better world for everyone.

    This program is a bridge, a doorway into the Possibility Management Trainer Torus. Entering the Trainer Path Program is stepping in (with one foot at least) the Trainer Torus.

    Who is on the Trainer Path?

    A team

    The players of the Trainer Path Program is a team of fresh trainers and facilitators resonating with each other and with the commitment to deliver transformation and thoughtware upgrade using Possibility Management tools for the benefits of everyone on Earth. This commitment is taking over most of your life.


    The Team helps each other succeed, not to success. The player empower each other to deliver their destiny through the professional non-linear job of being a Possibility Management Trainer.


    The Team keeps contributing to the Possibility Management Trainer Guild by delivering their destiny to other to become trainer themselves. The best way to learn how to be a Trainer is to teach how to be a Trainer.


    The Team creatively collaborates with the "old rabbits" of the Trainer Torus to transform them into elders, or mentors by showing up as the next-generation of Possibility Management Trainers. The next-generation of Possibility Management Trainers makes out of the "old rabbits" the elders and mentors that they want to have on the Trainer Path.


    The Team takes responsibility to source the gameworld of Possibility Management.

    Is the Trainer Path Team part of the Trainer Torus?


    The Trainer Path Program is part of the Trainer Torus as a bridge to bring in more Possibility Management Trainers. When you are on the Trainer Path Team you are part of the Trainer Torus.


    you are on the team when you are on the team

    Can you be on the Team?

    This is a yes or no question...

    In the radically responsible gameworld of Possibility Management, they are only one rule: what a woman can do and what a woman cannot do (I heard it applies to men too). The only remaining question is: can you be on the Team? If you can be on the Team, then you are on the Team. If you can't be on the Team, then you are not on the Team.


    Watch Pirates of the Caribbean I, matrix code: TRAINR.001, matrix point: 1.

    How to get on the Team?

    A commitment and real results

    What does it take to be on the Trainer Path Team? It takes that you act as an active player of the Trainer Torus Team.

    What are you doing to make the Trainer Torus happen right now? Being on the Team means you act not only for your own benefit, or company but for the benefit of the Possibility Management Trainer Torus itself. If you think you should be paid or rewarded in any other way, you are not on the Team.


    You are part of the Trainer Torus Team when you take responsibility for more and more of the following:

    - You want to be in the Trainer Torus.

    - You can be in the Trainer Torus.

    - You have a deep commitment to nurture and develop the Trainer Torus for the benefit of future generations of Trainers and clients.

    - You are producing real results to deepen the context of Possibility Management (not only suggesting, complaining or criticizing).

    - You are collaboratively supporting the Trainer Torus to deliver thoughtware upgrade from the context of radical responsibility through Expand The Box, Possibility Lab, Feelings Workshop, Rage Club, Intimacy Journeyer Lab, Gameworld Building Lab, and other manifestation of the Possibility Management gameworld.

    - You participate in Trainer Torus Togathering for building your matrix to more deeply inhere in the context of radical responsibility; for meeting and bonding with other Trainers; for sharing what you have discovered to support the Trainer Torus with your research and for learning what others have discovered.

    - You participate in Possibility Labs to keep doing your personal healing and initiation processes.

    - You regularly partner with other Trainers in the Trainer Torus to deliver talks, workshops, special events, ETB and Possibility Labs and to create new projects.

    - You are making legend making action on your own behalf in the name of the Trainer Torus.

    - You are energetically feeding a growing database of people in your circle, using the SPARKS, articles, distinctions, videos, and offering a list of events.

    - You are building a team who love Possibility Management and collaborate with you to grow the context in their local area.

    - You are leaving post-cards, flyers, ... marketing your work as part of the Possibility Management Trainer Torus as well as Possibility Management books in bookstores, cafe, centers, schools, city halls wherever you go.

    - You are creating a Trainer Torus outfit, dance, or theater piece and you are showing them in talks, workshops, festivals, trainings, ...

    - You regularly give talks and workshops providing thoughtware upgrades and open doors to allow more people to enter the Possibility Management gameworld, listing your event on possibilitymanagement.org and your own personal website.

    - You have a personal website mentioning your active role in the Trainer Guild and introducing people to the services you offer.

    - You are regularly writing article, uploading them on your personal website, Medium and / or Academia.edu

    - You are regularly attending conferences, festivals, fairs to make talks, workshops and presentation and synergetic connections in the name of Possibility Management.

    - You are collecting notes, ideas, distinctions and starting to write a book to share with people what you are learning from the context of radical responsibility and / or the thoughtware, tools, processes and training of Possibility Management.

    - You are making and uploading a stream of videos, animations, computer games, apps to demonstrate Possibility Management for people.

    - You run or attend Possibility Team, Study Group, Rage Club, Adventure Feelings group, Playfight session each week.

    - You make enough money through Possibility Management single coaching, talks, workshops and training that you can quit your commitment to be a slave of a corporation and you keep your work in alignment with your destiny. Keep sitting in the Possibility Chair about this until it is already happening.

  • Outside of the 6 bubbles you discover entirely new play space .


  • 1. be born


    We are born in a series of bubbles, this are woven into the layers of our Box.

    Getting out of each of those bubbles happens through initiatory processes and taking responsibility for being in those bubbles in the first place.

    HINT /!\ When you start on the Trainer Path, ASSUME THAT YOU ARE STILL IN ALL THOSE BUBBLES. It will make things easier for you to receive the feedback that you need and for your colleagues and Trainers to give you the feedback that you need.


    If you are still in your mother's belly, your answer originates in a child ego state, a needy and adaptive victim, complaining that the world will not devote itself to make yourself happy. You are not out in world standing on your own two feet.

    The initiatory processes for getting out of your mother's belly are multiple and include:

    - A Birth Process, saying Yes to choosing to have been born of Earth and taking full responsibility for making that decision.

    - Healing Emotional Old Decisions made in the mother's belly

  • 2. grow up


    The indicators for still being in your parent's bubble are things like projecting on authority figures, giving your center away, not showing up, playing small and blaming your upbringing and your parents for this, not having a good relationship with your parents, ...

    The ultimate test to know if you are out of your parent's bubble is if you can visit them and not be hooked.


    As a trainer, you will always find somebody to project on. If you are still in your parent's bubble, when a participants is projecting their own parents on you, you think it is real. It validates your own projection when someone projects onto you.


    There is as procedure to get our of your parent's bubble. It requires completing incomplete communications, taking your center back from your father (for women) / your balls back from your mother (for men), healing childhood traumas, and finding one thing that you can admire about your parents.

  • 3. quit school


    Modern culture school teaches us that making mistakes is bad. Because if we make a mistake we might learn something that they don't know. Of course, modern culture school is NOT giving us the education we need to overthrown them. They are giving us a Zombie, submissive slave, stay-dead-and-you-will-live type of education.


    You will not be able to deliver something valuable for another human being if you are stuck in school culture because you can not try something, you can not do something that has never been done before, you are not allowed to make mistake, look ridiculous, or look fabulous. Your five bodies are not free to move in any direction from any space to any other space. It is totally necessary that you regain freedom as a Trainer whether you hold possibility team, workshops, rage club, feelings day or ETB and Possibility Labs... and also to be alive as a human being.


    So GET YOURSELF OUT OF SCHOOL! Okay, how? Aaaaahh, now we are starting to have an interesting conversation.

    A group of Trainers have created an "Quit School Training", it was expected to last one session, and then there was too much stuff, it was extended for one day, and there was still so much stuff that this can be a three-to-five day training. Gather with next-generation of trainers, friends, possibility managers and a team of possibility management trainers who can deliver this training, find a date and place and organize the training. You will come out of this training liquid as a jellyfish. And six months later, everyone will be blinded by your shininess as a human being.


    Getting out of school requires healing trauma with teachers, professors, coaches that held an authority position over you during your childhood, upgrading your thoughtware about making mistakes, looking bad and not knowing.


    Go check out the website quitschool.org.


    WEBSITE - Quit School (Matrix Code: WQS207)

    MOVIE - Schooling the World-The White Man's Last Burden from Carol Black (Matrix Code: MV166)

    MOVIE - Accepted

  • 4. quit patriarchy


    Patriarchy is not limited to men. Patriarchy is not only the control of women by men. And it is not limited to a slave system that enslave both men and women in a sick game that benefits only 1% of the psychopaths on planet Earth.


    Patriarchy is an non-sustainable culture that has been deeply integrated in our foundational structure for thousands of years. The memes of patriarchy has been coming down one generation to another for 6000 years. This is 240 generations! Getting out of patriarchy requires that day-by-day, moment-to-moment, you put your attention on your attention and notice your intention, your purpose, which part of you is making decision, and which part of you is observing the decision-making process.


    Patriarchy is a complex and integral culture rooted in ownership. Patriarchy started when the first man put up fences around a piece of Earth and said "this piece of land is mine!". The patriarchal culture unfolded from then on. Competition between men then begin. Competition and ownership extended beyond land, to wealthy possession, women, children, trees, air, water, animals, human rights, etc.. Men started separating, comparing, judging, criticizing, deciding what is good, what is bad, what is worth life, what is not, who is better, faster, stronger, who should be praised, who should be shamed, ... To hold all of this together, churches, corporations, governments were created. Money, power, and control are the principal values of patriarchy.


    The memes of patriarchy are various, numerous, subtle and destructive. They are integrated in your Box and Gremlin as a survival strategies.


    As a Trainer and shift agent to next culture of Archearchy, you are the bridge to a culture based on the values on Love, Responsibility, Consciousness, Kindness, Communication, Initiation, Empowerment, Change, Transformation, Evolution, Humbleness, Clarity, Creative Collaboration, Care, and much more.


    You serve the value of the culture you play in. If you are still unconsciously in patriarchy, you are serving the values of a that game in both your training spaces and your personal spaces. Which game do you want to play in?


    If you are committed to getting out of patriarchy, here are some experiments to try:

    1. Read Anne-Chloe Destremau's article.

    2. Compare your belief system to the one of patriarchy over 10 points:

    i. Children

    ii. Women

    iii. School

    iv. Possession of land or property

    v. Money

    vi. Your Destiny

    vii. Status

    viii. Sex.

    ix. Regarding treating the Earth as if it were a business in liquidation.

    x. Spirituality

    3. Get together with 2 or 3 dangerous, radically honest friends and ask them in what ways you are lying to yourself about step 2.

    4. Break a rule in private. Look inside of yourself what happens.

    5. Break a rule in public. Look outside of yourself what happens. (Do not get arrested).

    6. Study the effectiveness of trying to change patriarchy into something else, e.g: Marching with signs, voting, Occupy movement.

    7. Get together with 2 or 3 dangerous, radically honest friends and figure out 5 alternative strategies.

    Hint 1. Richard Buckminster Fuller suggests that you can't change something by fighting the existing gameworld, the way to change things is to create a new gameworld that make the existing one irrelevant.

    Hint 2. Spark 74: You live in patriarchy. You have the power to make the patriarchy irrelevant.

    8. Create and execute a 3 day transformational environment in which you fight for your life to get out of the patriarchy. Hint: Not too much blood.

    9. Celebrate your victory by never conforming to the patriarchal gameworld ever gain.

    10. Provide the environment in the whole process for other people as fast as you can. We are running out of time.


    Some hints that you are pulling yourself out of patriarchy:

    - you are out of money survival

    - you have regain your own authority

    - you are not giving your center away to authority figures (churches, corporations, advertisements, governments, schools...)

    - you have reclaim your creative power.


    SPARK 74 - You live in patriarchy. You have the power to make the patriarchy irrelevant. (Matrix Code for reading the SPARK: SR074; Matrix Code for doing the experiment: SX074)

    MOVIE - Thelma & Louise (Matrix Code: MV174)

  • 5. escape the linear life plan


    Have you ever heard of the Linear Life Plan?

    It goes like this:

    You get born.

    You go to school.

    You go to another school.

    You get a job.

    You get a new job.

    You get married.

    You buy a car and a house.

    You have kids.

    You start your own business.

    You get your kids through school (so they can start in the Linear Life Plan...).

    You sell your business.

    You retire.

    You write your memoirs.

    You go to an old people's home.

    You die.

    Then maybe you go to Heaven, or Jannah, or Valhalla, or Nirvhana, or the front of the line at the great Post Office in the sky.


    Did you ever meet anyone who believed in this Linear Life Plan?

    There is an entirely other Life Plan available directly from Gaia, ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Center), your Pearl, your Bright Principles, your Archetypal Lineage. It is organic, irrational, unpredictable, nonlinear, refused to fit into anybody else's concept or plan, and it is surprisingly delightful to live, far more interesting than anything a mere human could think up by themselves.


    How do you get into it? How do you shift from the Linear Life Plan to the Nonlinear Life Plan? The answer is simple but not easy. Radical Reliance on the force of Conscious Evolution.


    How can you achieve Radical Reliance on the force of Conscious Evolution? Authentic Adulthood Initiatory Processes. All of them.


    Of course, no one can do all of them... (the idea was meant to dismay you just a little at the shear immensity of the task...) but you can understand that there is not top end, that the end result cannot be achieved, that you are ongoingly a beginner, even after you are a certified Possibility Trainer.


    And... you can keep engaging the process. When you are in the flow of Evolution, between solid positions of thinking that you know who you are and what you are doing here... that is when the Universe can nudge you sideways into inconceivable coincidences, remarkable meetings of chance, unpredictable encounters, and nonlinear opportunities standing directly before you, never imagined before. When you are able to see these opportunities, when you are able to say a simple, "Yes," and accept the offers the Universe makes to you and take immediate action, stepping fully into them without hesitating or looking backwards, you become the Universe in action, the space through which your Bright Principles and your Archetypal Lineage can do their work in the world.


    Yes, it is possible.


    I would suggest to you that Gaia is begging you to come out and play full on. I would also suggest to you that the Nonlinear Life Plan is the biggest 5-body ecstatic experience and cannot come to an end.


    BOOK - Starmaker by Olaf Stapledon.

    BOOK - Mount Analogue by René Daumal.

  • 6. go global


    A culture has its own taboos, hidden assumptions, superstitions, prejudices, ... A culture has a specific way of manifesting patriarchy in its relationship to money, food, parents, children, women, and so on... The culture has a deep control over what a person can think and feel, over a person's expectations and assumptions.


    If you are still identified with your own birth culture then you are not free to liberate the potential of people in that culture or another culture in ways that they become bigger then the culture allows.


    Ideally, a trainer would live in and appreciate several different cultures to realize cultural relativity at its source. Cultural relativity is the capacity to distinguish between what is cultural and what is real.


    BOOK - Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. (Matrix code: BK129). An adventure for the mind and the spirit. Daniel Quinn said, "Something better than civilization is waiting for us." He knows what he is talking about.

    WEBSITE - Culture to Culture Conversation. (Matrix code: WCC147)

    WEBSITE - Go Travel Now (Matrix Code: WGT230)

  • Result: Take the stand for the stand that you take


    Radical responsibility for Possibility Management Trainer.

    The home of Possibility Management Trainer is radical responsibility. When exiting each bubble one after another, you take radical responsibility. Look around you and notice where you are not taking responsibility and still playing victim (your parents are still giving you money, you are working a job you do not like, you are blaming others for what is not working in your life, you are jealous of other people successes, ...). Start taking responsibility for all those thing.


    When you will start taking radical responsibility for your destiny, you will notice that you are the space through which your Bright Principles and your archetypal lineage moves you through space and time. If you are still attached to what your Ego wants, your Box or your Gremlin, your Brights principles and archetypal lineage won't be able to do the work through you.

    Take the stand for the stand that you take.

    Being radically responsibility is being responsible for the level of responsibility that you take. You are the stand for the stand that you take. You do not only take a stand for radical responsibility but you ARE the stand for the stand of being radically responsible. You take responsibility for your underworld and unconscious behaviors too. That means you feel the pain of not feeling the pain for what you are unconscious of.

    Taking radical responsibility for your own power.

    Standing in radical responsibility, you have the ability to create archetypal relationship and archetypal spaces for the benefits of all Beings everywhere. Those archetypal spaces allows your Bright principles to work for other people.

    Taking back your authority.

    In the context of radical responsibility, there is no one to ask permission from to do anything. No one can tell you what you can or cannot do - except maybe the Universe and then still it's up to you to accept the offer or not. Stop waiting around for someone to give you permission to live your destiny.


    When you think the status quo nails you to the floor and that what you want to try is obviously not permitted, when no one else sees the importance or value of what inspires you, when the general opinion is that it is too risky, when everyone else is too busy or too distracted or too exhausted to step beyond their self-imposed limitations to help you make it happen, go ahead and do it anyway. If it does not work, you won't lose any friends. But... if it does work, it will be legend making!


    VIDEO - Werner Erhard - Taking a Stand for the Future 1982, click here. (Matrix Code: YT132)

    MOVIE - Wonder Woman (MV182)

  • "One of the ways to be a good trainer is to be a good trainee yourself."


    you are already ready enough for more than you think


    Spark 179 - You are already ready enough for more than you think. (Matrix Code for reading the SPARK: SR179; Matrix Code for doing the experiment: SX179)

    You will never be ready to be a trainer. As lay out in Spark 179, the idea of being ready is used by your Box and Gremlin to delay the fact that you are ready to deliver transformative gorilla street theater that will change you and the people around you.


    You will never prepare yourself enough and you will never get to the end of the preparation. Here's a list of preparatory items for trainer pathwalker:

    1. Read the Distinctionary from A to Z.

    2. Read and do SPARK experiments every week. To receive the SPARK weekly, subscribe here.

    3. Go regularly through this list of initiatory processes.


    The mentee create the mentor they want to have.


    A number of Possibility Management Trainers have made the commitment to be mentors for the next-generation of Possibility Management Trainers. Use them. They will use you!

    Clinton Callahan (ENGLISH)

    Georg Pollitt (ENGLISH/GERMAN)

    Katharina Kaifler (ENGLISH/GERMAN)

    Michael Poertner (ENGLISH/GERMAN)

    Michaela Kaiser (ENGLISH/GERMAN)

    Nicola Nagel (ENGLISH/GERMAN)

    Patricia Patz (ENGLISH/GERMAN)

    Dagmar Thurnagel (ENGLISH/GERMAN)

  • MENTORS are made by mentees.

    Create the mentor that you want to have.

    Adults are made by other adults. Meaning that only someone who has been initiated can initiate someone else. If adults are made by other adults, elders are made by younsters. More experienced trainers do not become elders-mentors because they age, they become elders and mentors when a raw trainers make unreasonable request on them. Possibility Management Trainers can only become mentors if they have mentee to mentor. Be that mentee and pull out of the experienced trainers their wisdom, clarity, and possibilities. They are waiting for it!

    The trust question.

    Trust is not a feeling, trust is a decision. You can stop believing that you should trust your mentor for them to be your mentor. When you trust your mentor as a mentor, you trust them to not betray you in any way. You build expectation that they will not lie to you, they will not unconsciously use his Gremlin on you, they will not take revenge, try to manipulate you to agree with them, and so on... We are all have a Box and a Gremlin - even mentors. Creating expectations over them creates this fantasy world that the Trainer gameworld is wonderful and everyone is nice. The moment your mentor behave against your expectation - and be sure that your Gremlin will find evidences to support that story - you will create resentment. This will probably lead for you to give up on your trainer path because 'they are not worth it anyway!'.

    To the question: should I trust my mentor?

    It is your decision. Here's a non-linear offer: trust yourself to be committed to your own initiation, development, unfolding, and growing up process. Trust yourself to take care of yourself around anybody - even your mentor. Trust the Universe to move you and give you feedback, through your mentor also.

    Someone one day ask me "in which story do you want to live in? my story about you? their (mentors) story about you?". The best story to live in is my own, the one that empowers me, that make me a more conscious, healthy, caring and loving human being. That story is also shaped by feedback, coaching, processes, distinctions and clarity.

    Make demands on your mentor.

    Deciding to not trust your mentor does not mean you cannot be connected with him. On the contrary, you have your bubble, they have theirs and you can both take care of yourself around each other. This is where the extraordinary relationship between mentor and mentee can begin. At the point, you have your center, your voice, your feelings, your vision and you can make demands on your mentor.

    When your mentor shows integrity, ask them to tell you something about themselves in what ways they are trustworthy. Ask them how they learn that skills and if they could train you to have integrity. When your mentor behaves in a untrustworthy way, ask them to tell you something about themselves in what ways they are untrustworthy.

  • 50 questions to ask your mentor

    Be bold! Ask and share what is alive in you. This is self-leadership and no one can do it for you... and no one can stop you from doing it.

    Ask dangerous questions. Share what seems off and what works and ask how you can learn it.

    Here is a head start for questions you can ask your mentor.

    Have Fun!

    1. What am I ready enough for that I am not doing yet?

    2. Could you please ask me to tell you in which ways I am ready to give single coaching?

    3. Would you please ask me to provide you with single coaching now?

    4. Would you please facilitate the initiation of me jacking-in to abundance in my life now?

    5. Could you please ask me to explain to you 3 practical ways I can create the cash I need to get to my next Possibility Lab?

    6. I have been researching relationship/intimacy/the goddess/the guardian/gameworld building/our connection with Gaia. Could you please ask me to tell you how I will share this with the world?

    7. Could you please ask me to tell you the next new talk or workshop I will deliver?

    8. Please ask me to tell you how I can create a bridge between where people are and what is possible.

    9. Could you please give me possibilities for new exercise I can do after such or such map/ in the context of this workshop?

    10. Could you please give me possibilities to start a meta-conversation about a particular map?

    11. Could you please tell me in what ways I still behave like a teacher and not an trainer? Could you coach me to shift to trainer behaviors?

    12. How do you know when a person's Being is more present than another?

    13. Could you please tell me what are the ways you scan people capacity to take more or if they are maxed out?

    14. Could you please give me wild ideas to build my own matrix - that does not include reading or watching movies?

    15. Could you please tell what is the question that I am not asking you that I should?

    16. Could you please give me feedback of where I am on my way out of school? Could you then give me possibilities for my next step?

    17. Could you please give me feedback of where I am on my way out of patriarchy? Could you then give me possibilities for my next step?

    18. Could you please give me possible way of holding a feelings workshop? What are people most afraid of in these workshop? What kind of exercise are the best to do first?

    19. How can I hold a small talk cafe or intimacy cafe? Could you give me possibilities on how to open such a space?

    20. Could you please give me possibilities of how to create a solid circle while I am traveling between countries?

    21. Could you please give me feedback of how I give feedback?

    22. What are the boldest things you can do/ you have done in a training?

    23. How to make a joke without hurting a participant?

    24. Could you please give me possibilities of how to build context for my next possibility team/workshop/rage club/feeling talk?

    25. Could you please share with me ten of your best tricks as trainer?

    26. How does separation, competition and mistrust happen most often in a space? What are the ways to shift the space?

    27. What if the participants are sleeping? What are the best way to wake them up?

    28. Could you please give me wild ideas of what kind of workshops are needed and do not exist yet?

    29. How do you use your femininity / masculinity in your training?

    30. When is it useful to yell at someone or give feedback instead or let it slide? Please give me precise example or memories you have.

    31. How can I empower the trainer type person next to me?

    32. Could you please ask me to give you a list of personal experiment that I can ask the participants to do during the training?

    33. Could you please ask me to give you a list of 'homework' that I can give the participants when they go home after a training?

    34. Could you give me insight of how can I live with paradoxical stories inside of me?

    35. What in your experience is the most powerful story for people to shift?

    36. Could you please tell the most amazing mentoring experience that you have ever received and could you please give that to me?

    37. How can I start my life over again in the context of next culture/archearchy where initiation has the highest value?

    38. Can you please coach me about how to stay in relationship with my current family and friends while I go through my transformational liquid states and initiatory processes?

    39. Which three TPP healing processes would be the most important for me to learn right now?

    40. How do you justify leaving modern culture behind while still deliver your service in modern culture?

    41. What is really blocking me in my moment to moment life from being a radically responsible Pirate (meaning extracting myself from the patriarchy, waking up from being a Zombie, and refusing in almost every circumstances to be a sheep)?

    42. Please pull the rug under me.

    43. Where I am avoiding using my sword of clarity? In other words, where I am making assumptions, where am I enmeshed, where I am being a vampire, a parasite on people or organization, where am I not making boundaries, where am I being sloppy about holding radical responsible spaces, where I am letting my Gremlin feed and paying high prices for the consequences, etc...?

    44. How can I more often consciously use my Bag of Things and my Gremlin as a resources of non-linear possibility so that I can provide bigger services to the individuals and organizations?

    45. Could you please give me one small useful assignment with a deadline for which I can prove to me and you that I have integrity (integrity means that I will do what I say I will do)?

    46. What belief do I cling to as a band-aid over a hole in the side of my box?

    47. What are my taboos? What are my superstitions that I don't yet recognize as superstitions and still think they are the truth?

    48. Please ask me if I have ended my submissive slave contract with the Church. If have not, ask me by when I will do that. If I refuse to do it, ask me to watch the movie the Mission and then ask me again to explain in detail why I still support the patriarchal hierarchical

    49. How do I create Heaven on Earth right now for me and my friends and colleagues?

    50. What will happen when I die?

    Extra bonus question: Please ask me if I am male or female, and why do I have that story?


    Train others in what you want to learn.


    List of mentees who have joined the Trainer Path Program in 2019 and committed to walking the path of being and becoming a Possibility Management Trainer.








    Laura Kaestele (ENGLISH/GERMAN)








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